Meet the Artist Dinners

robert mickelsonThese dinners are arranged so that art admirers and/or potential collectors can get to know the artist in an intimate setting where they can sit with the artists, literally break bread with them, and ask them pertinent questions about what inspires them and the methodology that they incorporate to create their amazing works of art.

These dinners are held in private rooms of local restaurants.  The artists take turn sitting at different tables and will also stand and address the group in an informal and casual way to give a short talk and answer questiions.  These are elegant yet casual events.  It is $100 per person and attendees must register and pay ahead of time.  Care will be taken to shuffle the locations of these dinners between north, central and southern Palm Beach County in order to acommodate our followers who live in very diverse areas of the county.

Above Right: 2017 Visiting Artist, Robert Mickelsen



meet artists dinner 2

Above Left: 2018 Visiting Artist, Grant Garmezy
Above Right: 2016 Visiting Artist, Rob Stern, will conduct a special demonstration at our 2018 Gala


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