Visiting Artist's Schedule 2017


We have an outstanding lineup of some of the art world's finest glass artists. Each one of these artists will spend 3 days at our center. All of these events are designed to offer the most comprehensive expo-sure to exceptional glass art, learn first hand about the artists who produce them and be able to actually see how they do it. This is a brand new and incredibly exciting offering for the citizens of our county and is all part of the mission of this inspiring new nonprofit.

  • Thursday night 'Meet the Artist Dinner' is a private sit-down, dinner party limited to only 32 people who will dine in the Center's upscale gallery and listen to the artist talk about their processes and what inspired them to become a glass artist. They will also have a chance to preview the gallery's exhibition before its official opening. The cost is one-hundred dollars per person.
  • Friday night the center will hold a 'Gallery Reception & Demo' for an exhibition of the visiting artist's work along with two dimensional works curated by the center's founder, JB Berkow, who has been a gallerist for over twenty years. Admittance to these shows will be free for members of the Benzaiten Center and only $20 for non-members.
  • Saturday afternoons our visiting artists will conduct a two to three hour 'Public Glass Blowing Demonstration' which will be open and free to the public. These are great opportunities for glass collectors and families from our community to observe first hand how great glass art is made.

January 21-23, 2016: Laura Donefer

Thursday, the 21st: Private Dinner 6 - 9pm Click to Register

Friday, the 22nd: Gallery Opening 6 - 8pm Click to Register

Saturday, the 23rd: Public Demo 4 - 6pm Click to Register

Laura Donefer has been using glass as her primary medium for more than thirty four years, often in combination with diverse materials.

Known for her innovative, colorful blown glass and flame worked "Amulet Baskets", she also pushes the boundaries with work that explores ideas concerning memory, assault, bereavement, joy and madness.

In demand as an exciting teacher, Laura has taught workshops and given lectures worldwide, including Japan, the United States, and Australia. Her work is in many public and private collections, the Corning Museum of Glass, the Museum of Glass in Tacoma, and the Museum of Fine Art in Montreal to name but a few.

Laura has been honoured with many awards, among them the "Lifetime Achievement Award" from the Glass Art Association of Canada, the prestigious "Honorary Membership Award" from the Glass Art Society, for her dedication to the glass community at large, and the International Flameworking Award for "extraordinary contributions to the glass art world."

Every few years Laura organizes one of her wacky, exuberant Glass Fashion Shows, a fantastical spectacle for the international glass community to enjoy. Laura lives in the wilds of Ontario, Canada, and in her spare time grows kale, hangs out with her husband and her dachshund, and kayaks the nearby waterways, loving and living her life to the fullest!

Visiting Artist Laura Donefer

February 25-27, 2016: Rob Stern

Thursday, the 25th: Private Dinner 6 - 9pm Click to register

Friday, the 26th: Gallery Opening 6 - 8pm Click to register

Saturday, the 27th: Public Demo 4 - 6pm Click to register

After attending San Francisco State University where he studied art and discovered glass making, he worked as an apprentice at John Lewis Glass for five years. He toured European glass factories and then returned to begin studies at world renowned Pilchuck Glass School. In 1992, after working as a teaching assistant for Czeck master, Petr Novotny, Rob was invited to work in the Ajeto Glass Factory in the Czech Republic, which turned into a long term working relationship. From 1997-2003 Rob taught glass making at the University of Miami, FL. Rob now co-teaches with many artist/masters at schools worldwide and frequently travels abroad to make his work.

"I consider myself to be very fortunate to have traveled, studied, and lived in many places where glass is made by masters. I have experienced many cultures, techniques, and the people that I've met have greatly influenced me. I draw my inspiration from this, from music and from mostly everything I see in nature. Working as a glass artist has enabled me to view the world as fluid, reflective, and full of light."

Visiting Artist Rob Stern

April 28-30, 2016: Marlena Rose

Thursday, the 28th: Private Dinner 6 - 9pm Click to register

Friday, the 29th: Gallery Opening 6 - 8pm Click to register

Saturday, the 30th: Public Demo 4 - 6pm Click to register

When people first view my work, I'm often told they fell a 'certain aliveness inherent in the work itself.' My goal as an artist is to inject life into whatever I can make. Each piece is hand cast from molten glass in a spectacular process of heat and light. In the end, the work has a quality of timelessness reflecting both ancient and modern. They celebrate the unique properties of glass, of transparency, shine and reflection. And because these are cast objects, they hold in their form the memory of the shapes and textures of the materials that formed them; they are fine-grained, rugged or smooth, transparent or translucent, colored or clear. When I cast the sculptures I include in them relics of modern life, interesting objects that have been cast away, industrial waste items that seem to unite present and past. In the end, the completed piece transcends the sensibility of mere time.

Visiting Artist Marlene Rose

Call the center at 561-508-7315 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for further information about these exciting events and to register for the Thursday night "Meet the Artist Dinner Parties."