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avedon photoScott Avidon will be heading up our Fusing Program.  We are delighted to have ‘Avidon Glass’ under the Benzaiten umbrella.  He is a glass artist who focuses on fused glass and metal sculpture. Scott's fused glass students create work with an eye towards respecting layout, proportion, line, form and pattern. Advanced students will develop a working knowledge of color theory,  transparency and layering to create extremely well balanced and technically excellent work. Learn More >>


the Classes

Introductory Classes:

Introductory Class Times:
Tuesdays   4:30pm - 6:30pm,   7:30pm - 9:30pm (Groups of 5+)
Wednesdays  11am - 1pm,  2pm - 4pm,  6pm - 8pm (Groups of 5+)
Thursday - Saturdays   10am - 12pm,  1pm - 3pm

Introductory Class Savings Packages:
Purchase a Pack of 10 and save $100
Purchase a Pack of 5 and save $40


Fusing 101  $75

This basic class gives you instruction on how to cut interesting shapes from glass and to learn basic use of color and the fundamentals of design to create pleasing compositions.  We will also be covering the basic safety and use of tools.  Your object will be fired in a kiln for pickup on another day.  No experience required.


Jewelry Making   $150

This class will utilize all the basic skills you learned in ‘Fusing 101’ only in a smaller size and with an eye for creating designs that will look good as a piece of jewelry.  Pieces will be finished and fired after the class to be picked up on another day. Create up to 4 original jewelry designs in this class.  No experience required.


A Fun Night Out   $55

Plan something different with our ‘GIRLS NIGHT OUT,’ ‘BOYS NIGHT OUT,’ and our ‘COUPLES NIGHT.’ events.  Price includes two glasses of wine or beer.  Call the center to schedule today!  No experience required.


Intermediate and Advanced Classes:

We offer Intermediate and Advanced Classes in these Techniques:

Class Times:   1 - 3 hours

Intermediate and Advanced Class Savings Packages:
Purchase a Pack of 10 and save $125
Purchase a Pack of 5 and save $50


Pâte de Verre   $100

This class is a great introduction to the "pâte de verre" (French for "paste of glass") technique, which uses granules of glass to create three dimensional forms.  Students will use crushed glass and frit to create unique small bowls. Your piece will be available for pick-up in a couple of days.


Sand Blasting Design Techniques   $125

Learn the basics of sandblasting and how to use the principles of negative and positive spaces to create super interesting designs. You can either select a design that we provide, or you can design your own pattern.  Then you will learn how to create a stencil, how to apply it to the glass, and then how to use the sandblaster to imprint your design into the glass.  After a firing, your piece will be available for pick up the next day.


Kilncarving   $125

This is a great follow up class to your introductory fusing class.  You can take one of your own pre-fused pieces of glass, or use one that we can provide for you.  You will then cut designs out of fiber paper using an Xacto knife. When your design is complete, you'll set the glass on top. In the heat of the kiln, the glass softens and takes on the contours and textures of your design. This process is called ‘kilncarving.’  Your finished piece will be available for pickup a few days.


Metal Mesh & Fused Glass Sculpting   $150

This is a special technique developed by Scott in which he sculpts metal mesh into an abstract or recognizable form and then applies fused glass onto that form to create a unique mixed media work of art.  For advanced students only.


Avidon Fusing Video