Lynne Kroll

Krolls HeadshotThe unifying factor in all Lynne Kroll's work is her passionate quest for a painted paradise - whether framed by floral arbors, peopled with goddesses and angels, visited by butterflies and birds, sparkled with crystal orbs of light and moonbeams, or gently embraced by cool shadows - Kroll's subject is beauty.

This unique magical view of the world is slowly built up through the layering of images. Kroll shoots thousands of photographs during travels that have taken her to five continents. These images are the starting point for ideas and compositions - visual stimulation for the eye and mind to see new patterns, new connections.

The resultant works are serendipitous compositions whose elements come together, uniting often disparate worlds into new relationships - compositions and artworks that reveal the interconnectedness of nature, life, spirit and time.

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